Global Energy Scene by Dr. Harish Ahuja

Dr. Harish Ahuja

President (Strategy & Corporate Affairs) – Moser Baer Projects Private Ltd.

Date: 04th Nov 2011

Great Lakes IEMR is fortunate to host Dr. Harish Ahuja as a part of Industry Thought Leader Series. He is the President (Strategy & Corporate Affairs) at M/s. Moser Baer Projects Private Ltd., New Delhi. His areas of expertise are Power markets, Energy risk management & Strategic planning of Power sector i.e. regulation, generation, transmission, distribution & trading. Prior to joining Moser Baer Projects, Dr. Ahuja was Joint Secretary, Department of Power, Government of Delhi. Before that, he served as Director (Finance & Law) in Joint Electricity Regulatory Commission for Union Territories & State of Goa, Ministry of Power, Government of India. Dr. Ahuja did his Graduation in Mechanical Engineering from NIT Raipur, Ph. D from IIT Delhi and PGP in Applied Finance from IIM Kolkata.

Dr. Ahuja started the session by discussing about the present and future World Energy Scenario. He mentioned that there is huge demand for Energy which depends upon the wealth of the nations. He stated that the Energy intensity is decreasing and the per capita consumption is varying extremely across the various countries. Then he compared the primary and final energies consumption and also talked about the usage of primary energy in various forms of final energy like heat, transportation and electricity. Later he moved on to the Energy geographies and explained about Oil, Natural gas, Coal, Renewable sources and Electricity.

Dr. Ahuja has thrown light on the world reserves, production, the major producers and consumers of Crude oil, Natural gas and Coal. Further he spoke about the renewable energy sources and pointed that solar and wind will be the key contributors to the future energy needs. Then he discussed about the electricity generation from various sources of energy and explained how the trend has been changing over the period with the technology and fuel availability.

Dr. Ahuja finally compared the world energy consumption with energy consumption of India and also talked about the energy demand trend in the future from various sources of energy. The session was very interactive and ended as Dr. Ahuja answered the questions posed by the students about the world energy future, open access in T&D and nuclear energy.


2 thoughts on “Global Energy Scene by Dr. Harish Ahuja

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