What have we become?

Ever went through life living for the moment…not knowing what you want or what goals to set, going with the crowd, believing that engineers and doctors alone rule the world, that marks determine
intellect, friends are forever, money is god, we remain young always, love is the sweetest feeling in the world…

Ever got told off by parents for growing your hair too long, cutting it too short, sleeping late, watching tv, bringing a stray home, partying too much or just about anything you did….

Ever spent sleepless nights thinking, what am I doing with my life…and then the next day go ahead and waste it on Age of Empires and shopping anyway..

Then, when did we become adults, cold and measured, that we simply stopped being young again..Did life just pass us by leaving us bitter and withdrawn…

Was this decision ours to make or did the decision choose us?

Amritha (PGP-13)

4 thoughts on “What have we become?

  1. i think its more about how your perception of life changes with each and every experience in life….and how you learn from that experience. There are people still, who are doing things the same they have done when they were in their teens. In the end it all boils down to your how you want to live your life……….left minded or right minded.

    • i agree..experiences shape an individual..but they dont determine if we are left or right brained right? ppl are born with either left or light minded personalities but their experiences shape their individuality..

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