Achieving made simple

Life’s everyday dramas are aplenty. A small victory is achieved every time a milestone is crossed or a standard surpassed. The sibling is treated to ‘look at your brother! Why cant u be more like him’, the relatives are given a detailed description of the various achievements and the victory dance is performed. For many, their lives are spent living upto the expectations of parents, family, the boss, the spouse, the society..the list is endless.

What is an achievement? Can it be measured simply in terms of money, marks, awards, degrees, fame and popularity?

If I followed my dreams, broke conventions, took the path less travelled, journeyed far away to unknown lands, didn’t believe in karma, married for love, made decisions for me, only me, I would break my parents hearts…but would I have achieved?

To me though, I have achieved when I bring upon a smile on the maids face when I say thankyou didi..

I have achieved when the kids on the street smile when I hand them sweets..

I have achieved when the puppy wags its tail when I feed it..

I have achieved when I catch the bus on time for once and the bus driver smiles..

I have achieved when I share my last piece of dairymilk with my friend and she smiles..

Its really that what have you achieved today??


Amritha (PGP 13)



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