Looking ahead….

*Its a chilly winter morning, mercury hovering around 10 degrees at around
11 Am in morning. Sun has just started peeping out from a thick layer of
fog. Facebook is abuzz with goodbye 2011 messages, mailbox flooded with new
year wishes, phone buzzing every now and then with best wishes messages. It
seems that everyone is out there to outpace each other in wishing. I wonder
how many take out time and sit alone to remember how the year started and
how it progressed. *


*Welcoming new year with open hands, heart filled with hope of a better
tomorrow, embracing change with a smile, we also need to pause and look
back at the year. So much happened around us! For some, time stood still
for a while, for some it flew at a breathtaking pace, some drifted through
it, some just kept struggling thinking about tomorrow, forgetting that they
are living today. Resolutions made, resolutions broken, promises made,
promises broken, moments of joy, moments of sorrow... some take in stride
and move on and some just stand still brooding over what happened. *


*World saw a churn with events like Osama leaving humanity for good, Egypt
and Libya saw new regimes taking over. People's revolution making a point
from India's Anna, Occupy Wall Street in New York to Burma getting an
elected government. In the neighborhood, Pakistan continues to remain a
confused nation even after 64 years of independence. With its neighboring
nation Afghanistan, Pakistan remained a laughing stock for the entire
world, of how a nation should not be. To not let yourself be used and
thrown away.  With so many complexities, India still continues to amaze
everyone around. Its a Herculean task to keep a nation like ours
integrated! *


*Moving from people's revolution to economic doom which still continues to
make headlines. Headless chickens on Wall Street pushing the world in gloom
for their incremental greed, to Europe's euphoria with themselves and
finally asking China to bail them out! India somehow managing to grow
although at huffing and puffing pace lead by a government which remains
headless and directionless. The year of scams comes to an end with Lokpal
going into deep freeze. FDI to stock markets all continue their southward
journey, while interest rates continue moving northward. RBI on its own
took the responsibility to bring some sanity in the economic chaos, but
with no support from government, found it self too burdened. *


*In this all gloom and sadness, cricket brought a moment of joy with World
cup coming back to its rightful place after 28 years! Dhoni taught us how
important it is to remain rooted and humble. A good leader may not be the
most talented or the best orator, but a one who gives space to stars
achieve their glory. On the other end, Sania Nehwal showed us that there
are other sports too in this country and we are good at it. Formula 1
taking its first step in rusty and dusty backdrop of ever changing Delhi! *


*Some great people left us, the ghazal king Jagjit Singh and Bhupendra
Hazarika. The iMan, Steve Jobs, left us wondering how Apple would
revolutionize our lives in future. India lost a Tiger, Nawab Mansoor Ali
Khan "Pataudi", a man who taught his generation of cricketers to believe in
themselves, a man who never gave up! *


*Some life learning that this year brought to me is that we have limited
time here, either one can rise to challenges and make the best of
situations or get stuck. The biggest learning came suddenly while watching
a video of Devdutt Patnaik's on difference of Hindu and Western idea of
life. In western thought, life is a linear idea, you start and you end. So
you have only one life and you should make the best of it. Not a bad
thought, but till you realize that you are not stepping over others to
achieve glory! You might reach but you would leave a trail of hurt people
on your path. On the other hand, Hindu idea of life is a never ending one.
It goes in circles, this is one of your innumerable births, you would
finish and come back. To me this idea gives a lot of solace and peace
inside. It makes me not hurry, makes me live a day, makes me take out time
for good people around me. Yes, I do get hurt, I fall, I get angry but it
does not control me... its not the end, because there is no end! Its just a
journey, we are just travelers through it! *


*A new year is just a new number on calendars and cell phones, life would
continue unaware of these numbers, telling us that these numbers don't mean
anything. Its just our way of recording events, our way of creating hope,
looking forward! Lets embrace change, lets have hope, lets have faith in
ourselves, lets resolve to be happy in any circumstances, lets remember
that nothing is stagnant, change is inevitable, lets work hard but not
strain ourselves, because there is as much one can do! Live each day, Live
life  See you all in 2012! *

Ambuj Lal.
Student @ Great Lakes.

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