Welcome 2013 – Year of Transformation


With one of the coldest winter mornings wrapped in the cloak of fog and mist, we welcomed the new year of 2013 in our lives. A year that will transform many things in many of our lives. A time when the nation is reeling under the waves of a massive change in the public arena putting up its sincere protest against corruption, women atrocities and several social issues, we at Great Lakes pray and extend our support in all ways so that the coldness in the hearts of a few should meet the warmth of the souls of millions others and through the fog of delusion and insecurities, we all see the light of rationale, respect and sensitivity for life in all forms around us.

The beauty of any transformation is that it reciprocates and creates a chain reaction, and what better than a chain reaction of goodness, of love, of care, of respect, of brotherhood, of success.

Our association with Great Lakes is therefore also going to be an opportunity for us to be a part and parcel of the processes of the nation in a few months writing the stories of transformation as business-ready managers. From being part of the Great Lakes family and all that we have imbibed in ourselves, we look forward to do our best in all spheres.

We pledge with ourselves to bring that small positive change in someone’s life this year and ahead and create that positive difference – a welcome for the huge sea of much needed change in dead decaying stagnant stances around. Come join us in the revolution of light and reason…Be a Crusader…

Jyot se jyot jalate chalo……..


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