Final Steps of the MBA journey…..

It is a great time of year. It seems the times passing by have given us more time to learn and know ourselves as much as others.

This year was the closest for many of us to have ever come across a chilling winter morning. An advantage of this time of year is the opportunity to reflect on the year that was and the year that will be.

The next three months will be filled with the final steps in our MBA journey – the campus selection process. I don’t think I would be alone in saying that this whole process has created a unique buzz.

Studying for an MBA means that everyone has some level of drive and enthusiasm to learn. Effectively what you are going to learn hinges on the subjects you select. After all, the subjects on offer, both the quantity and quality, are one of the core elements in choosing a particular MBA.

The life around business models, the need for companies to continually innovate their business model to maintain a competitive advantage and the ability to draw on the knowledge from past work experiences finding it so apt when analyzing real world scenarios, reassured us of the merit of what I have been learning. In general, we learnt about how company’s business models could interact – be interdependent.

Beyond the subjects we took, we have been involved with many of the course module projects within other subjects. It has been fascinating to work our ways around the various aspects of a project or research teaming up and meeting people and trying to come up with the numerous strategic issues and recommendations for the same .

In a sense, this ability to apply the lessons from the classroom to real life is what it is all about. Times are slowly closing in for a journey to end and a journey to begin..


Class of 2013



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