Uncle Bala in College

It was an (un)usual Thursday afternoon when Uncle Bala flew down to Gurgaon to meet the students at GLIEMR.  Excitement to see him pervaded the jam packed auditorium while the ‘V-day’ excitement had already taken a back seat. But Uncle Bala was welcomed with applause as he started off by wishing us a Happy Valentine’s Day!

While addressing the two PGPM (Energy) batches, he talked at length about his experience in Abu Dhabi and what got him interested in the field of Energy.  His anecdotes about the King Khalifa, Emirates Palace Hotel and the gloom and doom fate of the black gold in the gulf countries kept us riveted. He also spoke about the lesser known technology of Liquefied Shale and how it can bail out the ‘gas-guzzling’ US, whose 70% of the oil needs is met by imports. And guess what, the country with the largest reserves of shale gas in the world, (only second to the US) is India!

His speech was a great encouragement to the Energy batches.  According to him the world is heralding an “Energy Revolution” and the time is ripe to enter the domain of Energy and transform “Managers into Leaders”.  He also spoke about his associations with the Global Energy Management Institute (GEMI).

Talking about the college, academics and jobs, he persuaded us to learn more on our own (“I can take you to the pond, but it’s you who has to drink”). Uncle Bala laid a lot of emphasis on self learning and exemplified it by hinting on Googling articles on energy and going through the MIT courseware, their amazing guest lectures, class assignments, all of which are available online for free. He said that the “world is changing, and you have to be extraordinary in whatever you do” and gave an example of the girl from Great Lakes, Chennai who skyrocketed in eight months to land up in Microsoft at a very attractive package.

I simply cannot help but quote Uncle Bala before I wrap up.  Some of his words like “Be Distinct or Become Extinct”, “Your Network is your Networth”, “Execute, Execute or be executed” have got etched into our minds. Signing off, he promised to bring more Thought Leaders here and will be back in July/August.

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