Sports Meet @ GLIEMR

The student community of Great Lakes, Gurgaon organized a two day Annual Sports meet which aimed at providing a platform to the sporting talent present in the campus. The event was well supported by the management, again proving the emphasis laid on all-round development and learning. The event was a mix of outdoor and indoor games and saw an active participation from the student community. The event also witnessed participation of alumni’s and people from college management with the vice-chairman himself taking the lead and portraying his passion for sports. The event saw a mix of emotions, ranging from the hurrahs of the winners to the excitement of the participants. The support for the audience repeatedly motivated the players to sweat hard and play hard. The level of competition was intense and the level of energy exhibited on the field was incredible. Each level of tiredness was matched with a level of motivation coming from crowd and hence uplifting the spirit again and again. The hampering attempts by the unprecedented rain and the chilly weather only added to the spirit of the participants and the team work executed on field both by the organizers and participants helped in achieving the dream work. Victory hurrahs, bingo were the words which dwelled all around the field and an unmatched level of ethics was displayed by the participants. The winners were presented with laurels but the learning which came through the event goes as follows:

“Gold medals aren’t really made of gold. They’re made of sweat, determination and a hard – to- find alloy called GUTS.”

Written by: Saurav Shridhar

Class of 2014, PGPM Energy

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