Outbound Induction Program – Rishikesh Trip

The waves of the Ganges sounded like music to the ears,

the raft in water did remove our fears.

Watching the stars in the middle of the night,

All being dark, but sand still bright!

Great Lakes did a great job at organizing an almost flawless trip to Rishikesh/ Shivpuri camp in the form of an outbound induction program. Staying in the camps with no electricity, being so near to the Ganges and seeing it flow, the interesting tasks, all of these made it a memorable trip.

Four of the tasks that really caught everyone’s attention:

Hoopla Race: Keep holding hands, move the Hoopla, bend, pass it to your partner and wait for your partner to do the same. This simple game had everyone excited. Passing it over to the partner is the toughest part as you have to land it exactly over his head. Our team won one of the games out of this best of the three tournament. Even that came at a cost as a kicked the sand on the ground only to blind the partner next to me but thankfully some water splashing into the eyes fixed that.

Raft Building: After a day of rafting, this came as a surprise. On seeing the material provided, which included some bamboo sticks, tires and ropes, it didn’t generate enough confidence that we will be able to make a raft that would be able to float in the Ganges. But we started with it, made a design, changed it a bit and then finally started the assembling part. The ropes needed to be fastened as much as possible to provide it some strength. We took it into the water and we could make it float, proving our initial fears wrong.

Raft Building

Rafting: We were following the instructions of the guide to move the raft and at other times it just used to float on its own. And then suddenly came an instruction – “Jump into the water”. First it seemed like a joke. But the guide ensured that your life jacket would help you float, you just have to keep holding the raft. We did jump in after some hesitation and what followed was divine. The cold water of the Ganges and dancing waves provided an experience like never before. We jumped into the water thrice more, once during the rapid waves as well. For the sheer pleasure of being in the middle of the river and floating through, this became the best adventure activity of the trip for most of us.

River Rafting

Meditation: This activity made us realize how quickly our mind deviates from the center of our attention. We may be staring a tree for 10 minutes but will actually be seeing it for just the 10 % of that duration. We were asked to close our eyes and see the national flag for a minute or two. And when asked for the duration that the people were actually able to see it was bewildering. A few people couldn’t see the flag at all. And this is what meditation tries to make us achieve, concentrating on a certain task as much as possible.

Samurais Group Picture

We felt grateful to Great Lakes for a fabulous trip which helped us gel with a lot of people in a new batch and getting to know the people of our class better.

– Sahil Riaz

Samurais, PGPM Class of 2016


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