Trip to Rishikesh – Learning With Joy!

THE SAMURAIS STARTED THEIR JOURNEY AT GREAT LAKES AMIDST THE BREATH-TAKING VIEW OF THE GANGES WITH A TWO-DAYS OUTBOUND TRAINING IN THE HIMALAYAN FOOTHILL.Samurais in RishikeshThe Lakers set foot in Rishikesh to a pleasant petrichor and proceeded for the team building activities immediately after breakfast where they were divided into groups.

While one group went for rappelling, the other headed for river rafting and vice versa in the afternoon. The get-together was kind of a take-home lesson that an MBA student just can’t experience in a classroom. Headed by Palhan Sir, the trip was an amazing way to break the ice! For many students, the experience of adapting to a place with no electricity and people around was a first of its kind and if I might add, rather unusual. During the group activities, it was amazing to see how the Lakers helped each other even though they didn’t know each other much. The well planned activities brought out the hidden potential of the individuals while also binding them into a team and imparting the important concept of team-work.

Activities to improve logical thinking (different products out of unused products & team activities), creativity (building a real time raft and test) and focus (meditation) were of prime importance. The group activities taught everyone to practice working within a team, inculcating skills such as time management, critical thinking, active listening, flowering of ideas and the like.

Living in tents with very basic necessities for a night, the students helped each other generously whenever required and returned back to the hostel not as individuals but as a team – having learnt their very first lesson in management of working as a team; exactly what the outbound had set to impart.


Samurais, PGPM Gurgaon Class of 2016


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