Chairman Emeritus Reconnect 38 – “Energy & Spirituality”

My dear friends,

Energy environment interface has a divine dimension. Nations depending more on the naturally gravitating water falls, circulating winds and sun rays are demonstrating blossoming economies, while fossil fuel (decayed remains of plants and animals) dominated energy generation is contributing to ≈ 60% of the green house gas emissions responsible for global warming & pollution. A change in mindset of communities can swing the development process in favor of a safe and prosperous common future. Energy and consciousness being at the root of all cosmic creation can never be separated in the entire supply chain from generation to consumption.

Science and Spirituality

Science and Spirituality are the two sides of the coin if it has to circulate for the cause of sustainable progress of mankind across generations. Deep insights on intellectual, psychological and spiritual approaches for the well-being of mankind are essential at this point of time in the history when everyone around is keenly observing the “Emerging India” willing to reinforce its integration with global economy. However, present knowledge of science and technology without a spiritual foundation is a cause of concern for the imbalance evident in the self, the society, the nation and the world.

Energy and Spirituality

The philosophical and resource oriented sentimental relationship between mankind and the environment depicts the impact of improper choice of resource mix for power generation and also its reflection on national economies (please see adjoining Illustration and Table below). It would be intriguing to note that if India’s average cost of power generation is around 350 p/u with present resource mix of 26% Carbon free cheap energy (CFCE) and 74% Thermal, it could be as low as 200 p/u with this ratio just reversed i.e. 26% Thermal and 74% CFCE, besides huge reduction in carbon footprint.

Prime Mover of National Economies-Carbon free cheap energy (CFCE)

[A] China has become the second largest economy in the world, next only to USA with :

  1. World’s largest power generating capacity
  2. World’s largest Hydro installed capacity (inclusive of world’s largest Hydro Power Station-Three Gorges 22,500 MW)
  3. World’s largest Wind Power installed capacity

[B] Brazil has surpassed  GDP of an advanced country like Canada by building 68% Hydro out of its total capacity (including world’s second largest Hydro Power Station- Itaipu 14,000 MW) against 51% Hydro in Canada.

[C] Germany ( a country of <11% size of India ) has surpassed India’s GDP by reaching its CFCE capacity to 46% against 26% in case of India.

No Country 2014 GDP (World Bank)  Trillion $ Total Power Capacity       ( MW) Hydro Capacity (MW) Wind  Capacity (MW) Solar Capacity (MW) % CFCE Capacity
1 USA 17.419 1064,000 78,200 (07.35%)  65,879 (06.19) 20,000 (01.88) 15.42%
2 China 10.360 1190,000 # 171,000 # (14.37%) 114,763 # (09.64) 33,120 (02.78) 26.79%
3 Brazil 2.346 123,000 84,000 (68.29%) 5,939 (04.83) 17     (0.01) 73.13%
4 Canada 1.787 141,000 72,660 (51.53%) 9,694 (06.87) 1710 (01.21) 59.61%
5 India 2.067 272,500 45,688 (16.77%) 22,465 (08.24) 3,000 (01.10) 26.11%
6 Germany 3.852 178,800 5,590 (03.13)  37,800 (21.14) 38,870 # (21.74) 46.01%

# World’s Highest

Table: Relationship of GDP with power generating capacity including Carbon free cheap energy (CFCE)

Man-made threatening Green House is a clear example where human mindset has to integrate internationally for a safer common future, going beyond the mere arithmetic’s of carbon credits, not depending on technological solutions alone, but resorting to the right choices of carbon free renewable energy sources.

Technology decides the ‘edge’ of the age whereas ‘mindset’ sets its direction. By integrating Mindset with Technology, success results can surprise the societies. Spiritual path focusing on values and consciousness needs to be road mapped for reaching the goal of an ideal energy solution for a safe common future of mankind. The ancient spiritual wisdom has for us not only a treasure of values but it also enlightens us on what is necessary to know about the cosmos and the consciousness in order to have a coherent world-vision and to acquire right outlook and to place our relationships with nature on right lines to create a better world!

Satyamev Jayate !!!

Best wishes and Regards,

Dr. B.S.K.Naidu

BE(Hons), M.Tech., Ph.D., CBI-Scholar, D.Engg. (Calif.), FNAE, Hon.D.WRE (USA)
Chairman Emeritus, Great Lakes, Gurgaon, NCR, New Delhi, INDIA
Former Director General (NPTI & CPRI / REL), Ex. Director (REC) / Executive Director (IREDA)

No job is small or big, the way in which you do, makes it small or big (c)

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