Summer Internship Stories ’19

Summer Internship is an integral part of a two year MBA program. The experience exposes students to the corporate environment and work culture. It is also an opportunity to network with the peers and seniors working in the industry. Most students in Great Lakes Gurgaon PGDM batch are freshers and the summer internship gives them a sneak peek in to the lives of working professionals.

In this series our students from the PGDM batch of 2018-2020 share their experience of interning with different organizations.

Let’s read Emmanuel Swain’s story talking about his stint at S&P Global Inc. as described by him in his own words.

My internship with S&P Global Market Intelligence, Gurgaon (SPGMI) for 9 weeks was one of the most memorable part of my MBA journey.

SPGMI is known to provide actionable insights about the Market to Clients to help them take decisions with convictions. SPGMI was named the 2019 Best Overall Data Provider by Inside Market Data. S&P Global’s India Offices received certification for “Great Place to Work” in 2019. So, I was lucky to grab the opportunity to be a part of the organization as an intern.

The Experience

The internship with S&P Global was exciting, enjoyable and a great learning experience. During the tenure, I got to work on some Challenging and fascinating projects like Building Multiple Predictive Models to find the probability of having a data point in a transaction, Time Series Forecasting for Data Inflow, Python script to use OCR and extract texts from Scanned PDFs. Each of the projects was either to automate the workflow or implementing LEAN on the workflow. Apart from the projects, working along with a group of extremely energetic, creative and talented people was a great experience. The award of “Great Place to Work” was clearly justified.

The Learning

I learnt to use a new tool i.e. Blue Prism (RPA) to create digital workforce for the Organization. Apart from that I learnt how to deal with huge volume of data, Categorical Variables with Multiple Levels, treat missing values, Random sampling, finding the correlation between Categorical Variables using Cramer’s V to build Predictive Model. I got to learn Time Series Analysis algorithm – ARIMA. I got to develop Predictive Models which had a lot of challenges in it. Given a chance to go back to SPGMI as Full time employee, I would love to accept the offer.

The Takeaway

I have always aimed to leverage the power of Data to predict the future. Data Analytics has always been fascinating for me. The projects related to predictive analytics, report building, analysis of data, extraction of data, etc. which S&P Global provided me during my Summer Internship really interests me as I find my aim of joining MBA getting fulfilled.

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