Great-Lakes-Gurgaon-Student-CouncilSASHI LAVANYA APPAVURAJ


Shashi Lavanya Appavuraj, a skilled interlocutor came into power with a clear majority with a whopping number of 42 votes. Lavanya, an Electronics and Communications engineer did her B. Tech. from Avinashilingam University post which she was handpicked by Accenture where she worked for a total of two and a half years. A native of Chandipur, Orissa, she has been in leadership positions right from the school level and has actively participated in social service activities during her college days. With a wide range of hobbies such as photography, writing poems, listening to music and traveling, she defines herself as a people’s person. Lavanya aims at helping each one of the Samurais find the ‘true-self’ they came searching for. Her go-getter attitude and impulsive nature have helped her in all facets of her life and she aims at setting an example for others of what a dedicated stuco should be like.

Great-Lakes-Student-CouncilVIKGNESH SAMPATH


He graduated from Dr. M.G.R Educational and Research Institute specializing in the field of Electrical and Electronics in the year 2011, post which HCL Technologies took him places (Chennai, Banglore and Noida) for the next three and a half years. A cosmopolitan who has travelled to six different countries, Vikgnesh has handled the post of Joint Secretary of the student body in the final year of his B. Tech. studies. He further honed his leadership skills by playing an active role in HCL One India scheme, a CSR initiative by HCL Technologies. A cricket buff, who has represented Tamil Nadu Cricket Association at the divisional level, Vikgnesh aims at increasing both the output and quality of the current PGPM batch thereby setting a benchmark for the upcoming batches. He humbly acknowledges the immense responsibility that the current batch of Samurais has entrusted upon him and he vows to do justice with the job he has signed up for.

Great-Lakes-Student-CouncilVIKAS KUMAR


His three minute “What I stand for speech” attracted the maximum adulation and applause from the students. Alumni of NIT Jamshedpur, Vikas worked with Jindal South West Steel Ltd. for three and a half years. Having handled several leadership positions such as scout head at the school level and General Secretary student council in college, his statement “Been there done that” surely has a lot of weight. His experience of independently handling large and complex projects during his stint with JSW has further honed his leadership skills which the current batch of Samurais can certainly benefit from. Vikas loves cooking, gardening and is an avid reader. Also, he has actively been associated with several NGOs since his school days and still continues to provide them his assistance whenever required. His long-term plan as the member of the student council is to help each one of us develop the confidence required to succeed in our areas of interest. He describes himself as “Man of my words” and aims at making Great Lakes Institute of Management home away from home at least for the next one year for all the Samurais.


Samurais, PGPM Gurgaon Class of 2016

Vyaktitva- A club on a mission


My hobby was to talk. Yak, yak and yak. Be it any topic, any place, with any person and in any situation, I just could not keep my mouth shut. Yet, I was the first one to hide behind the taller head during the assembly hour in school. After successfully beating Father D’ Souza’s eagle gaze for 9 long years, I was caught and that unfortunate probability of .001 was realized on a Monday when I was sharing the details of how Sachin blasted Warne off even in a dust storm last night with my friend. My serial no. was called upon and I did not react for a moment. I acted dead, hoping that Father would move on, but luck just wasn’t on my side that day. My serial no. was recalled and I couldn’t feign ignorance any more. I had to move. My distance and time measuring neurons were disabled and all I could do was walk towards the stage. And on reaching there, I saw 1000 black dots facing towards me; all quiet and expectant. I could not utter a word and I dropped the mike which was handed to me due to nervousness. I was a wreck. That day I came to know what stage fright was.

What that day did to me was made me realize the fears associated with public speaking and pressed the importance of overcoming it. Public speaking not only improves one’s personality and gives a major boost to his/her internal confidence levels but also helps them discover their hidden abilities.

Our personalities are also shaped by the deeds we do. We generally do contribute to the society: by working, by creating employment, by paying taxes, by voting and by other smaller unappreciated activities. Still, a lot more can be done to restore the balance. As future aspiring leaders in our respective fields, we need to cultivate the feeling of redistributing the extra to the needy; after all we are a sovereign, socialist, democratic secular republic. The more one gives back to the society selflessly, the more ethical aspects of his/her personality develop. Helping the society not only gives us happiness but transforms us. More importantly, helping society aids us in staying connected to the roots and keeps us in touch with the reality.

To reach where we are aiming for, we have to accomplish what we are here for and that is to get a glimpse of the nitty-gritty of business. We are here to do MBA so that we can connect the dots of the various industries and understand the events taking place around us. For that to happen, we have to practice what we learn and share the knowledge with our peers. Business awareness gives us a deep understanding of what the industry is going through and how these events would affect the shortcomings.

vyaktitva wallpaper

This new club at GLIM Gurgaon is filled with colorful seriousness.

I realized that to develop a better personality, I needed to do all three – enhance my public speaking skills, contribute to the society and gain a deep understanding of the world of business and that too in a short span. The solution: a club which would help everyone develop new and old traits of personality.

Once I was convinced of it, I took this idea to my friends. They loved it and we started working on it. A week later we had the structure and there were 25 membership requests. With this overwhelming response, we were ready to conduct our first session. Comprising of speeches, debates, a thrilling business quiz and an informative news session, it was a roaring success.

All ready for the rigorous debate session

All ready for the rigorous debate session

That’s how ‘Vyaktitva’ begun its journey towards honing personalities and serving the society.

– Animesh Bajpai

  PGPM Class of 2015

Annual Sports Meet: the fight to win!

It was one helluva of an event that had the perfect mix of enthusiasm, dedication and the fight to win.


The annual sports day concluded on Sunday, 27th October with much fanfare and fun minus all the mishaps (READ: Injuries, pains, muscle tears) etc. The games had all the teams of Vulcans-PGPM Energy’15, Ojas-PGPM Energy’14 and Titans PGPM’14 along with Alumni and Faculty teams meeting each other for the first time on fun grounds and playing against each other, with ferocious spirit of winning the game and upholding the spirit of being fair… with one and all… So, whether it was football or cricket everyone came out with their set of ploys for the game and played with their full might.

When it comes to sports the common myth of girls not being sporty enough went for a complete toss when even the girls of the three teams came out in the open and played with full enthusiasm and aplomb. On the other hand no game is complete without the perfect audience and our fellow Lakers were very dedicated when it came to a fan base… So be it braving the cold or the harsh sun… the Lakers were all game for the GAME!!!


As the games ended it was time to savour some hot piping pooris with rice, sabjis et al at our very own Swiss cottage kitchen! Which was a foodie’s delight for those two days of pure fun.

As the curtains closed for the sports day, it was time to announce the winners and the losers; but all in the spirit of game!


Wish this wouldn’t have ended so soon! Hope to come back again with more fun unlimited!

Happy reading 🙂

Warm Regards,
Events Committee
Great Lakes, Gurgaon

Sports Meet @ GLIEMR

The student community of Great Lakes, Gurgaon organized a two day Annual Sports meet which aimed at providing a platform to the sporting talent present in the campus. The event was well supported by the management, again proving the emphasis laid on all-round development and learning. The event was a mix of outdoor and indoor games and saw an active participation from the student community. The event also witnessed participation of alumni’s and people from college management with the vice-chairman himself taking the lead and portraying his passion for sports. The event saw a mix of emotions, ranging from the hurrahs of the winners to the excitement of the participants. The support for the audience repeatedly motivated the players to sweat hard and play hard. The level of competition was intense and the level of energy exhibited on the field was incredible. Each level of tiredness was matched with a level of motivation coming from crowd and hence uplifting the spirit again and again. The hampering attempts by the unprecedented rain and the chilly weather only added to the spirit of the participants and the team work executed on field both by the organizers and participants helped in achieving the dream work. Victory hurrahs, bingo were the words which dwelled all around the field and an unmatched level of ethics was displayed by the participants. The winners were presented with laurels but the learning which came through the event goes as follows:

“Gold medals aren’t really made of gold. They’re made of sweat, determination and a hard – to- find alloy called GUTS.”

Written by: Saurav Shridhar

Class of 2014, PGPM Energy

Blood Donation @ GLIEMR Gurgaon…Every drop counts

Social Welfare club of GLIEMR, Gurgaon organized a blood donation camp in its premises with the support of Rotary club on 12th of February, 2013. The camp got a very good response from the students of all the three batches of the institute. At the end of the day approximately 55 units (1 unit of blood=350 ml) of blood were collected which showed the enthusiasm of the students towards the noble cause. The doctor present at the camp informed that each unit of blood is used to save two human lives. Even the Rotary club staff was impressed by the huge turnout of students at the camp.

The students before donating blood had to undergo some basic check up like blood pressure and hemoglobin. After the donation each donor was given a memento, a certificate of appreciation and a blood donor card which entitled them to receive blood free of cost for a period of one year.

The event wouldn’t have been successful without the support and co-operation of the faculty and the house-keeping staff. Social Welfare club promises to organize more such noble events regularly at the campus.

Great Lakers Win Hearts at Akshayam, MDI, Gurgaon!

While the world sleeps, the Knight Riders rule the night. It all started with a mail for participation at Akshayam 2012, the sports cum cultural fest at MDI, Gurgaon and so, when most people were sleeping last night in their cozy blankets, there was this group of around 24 people all excited and pumped up to challenge the best management teams of India.

Basketball (2200 hrs):The day started with a very enthusiastic performance on the basketball field where Great Lakers had one of the close matches of the tournament till now. The only glitch being the captain Varun Anand from PGPM 1 year getting injured and dislocating his shoulder. He was rushed to the hospital then and there and has been advised bed rest for a few weeks now. Despite getting injured, his words were all to cheer up his team mates while leaving the field, that what SPORTMANSHIP is all about. Piyush from 1st year energy batch stepped up to responsibility and despite landing on the other side, Great Lakers left the field with pride. The final score 49 – 38 in the favor of our opponents.

Badminton (2340 hrs): The focus then moved on to the Badminton courts but despite some valiant efforts in the court by  the captain, Rohit Parimal the team could not move past the pre quarter finals. The final score 3 – 0 to the opponents.

Table Tennis (0200 hrs): With the confidence a little shaky after two first round exits and one important member of the sports contingent getting injured, it was left upto captain Kiran Lingam(PGPM 1 year) to lift up the spirits of all with a win against a stronger Narsi Munji Team from Mumbai in table tennis. Kiran delivered what the doctor just ordered, a flurry of top spins to the right, whacking back hand shots and his impeccable services left the NMIMS team stunned as he toppled their Rank 1 player. Despite losing a close ladies singles match(2 sets to 1) and a valiant mixed doubles, the college bounced back with the duo of Kiran Lingam and Mohit Taneja(PGPM 1 year)  in men’s doubles. So it was all left upto Mohit Taneja to win the decider mens singles match. Mohit played the match with his trademark finesse and with his clinical serves and clean shots, left the opponents speechless. He won the match with 3 sets to nil, with the score in the final set being 11-0. The final score , Great Lakers play the quarter finals at 1700 hrs today.

Football: The positivity of the table tennis spread through to the football team and they won a challenging first round match with the score being 4-2 in penalty shoot outs. In quarters, they met the team from NMIMS, Mumbai in the quarter finals. The match started on an even note and both the quarters saw some good attacking moves set up by Mathew, Nitin (1 yr PGPME) for Rohit Parimal (PGPM 1 year) and some good strong defense by Jitendra Lakhwani, Mithun, Sudhanshu (PGPM 1 year). The score after the final whistle being nil all, the match entered the penalty shootouts. This time luck just happened to slip through out hands and a valiant effort saw the score line reading 4-2 in favour of NMIMS. The Man of the match(Based on the team feedback) being Mr. Rohit Singh (1 Year PGPM), the goal keeper.

And yes, not to forget the efforts of our special  cheer leading team , lead by Vivek Sankhyan(PGPM 1 year) and Karanjot (PGPME 1st Year) and ably supported by all crew members. The heights of dedication and passion are shown by our football team members, when all of them chose to stay there for their next futsal match at 0700 hrs.