Great Lakes @ Airtel Delhi Half Marathon 2012

With early rays of Sunday sunshine, the Great Lakes family came together to be part of one of the most grand events and  one of the richest marathons in the world, to be flagged off from Jawaharlal Nehru Stadium.

Supporting the cause of greenery under “Green Delhi, Great Delhi”, the GL team had been working closely to promote awareness among the citizens of the city to make it a cleaner city to breathe planting more trees and help them grow and live.

Over the two months post-registration for this mega-event, Branding Committee with students roped in competitions to build on the theme for the event and exhibit their creative pursuits in coming out with the banners and posters. The fraternity showed great enthusiasm participating in the competitions, the best of which was to be the official GL banner and posters.

Close to 50 students and faculty members registered for the event were regularly informed about their fitness and preparedness for the 6km run.

The day saw the already enthusiastic student community, under the leadership of our Director, with the banners and posters heading towards the origination point. It was a star-studded field of celebrities and a lot of Delhiites supporting various causes for the social well-being and upliftment.

The weather was good at the start but later on it became humid. But, the spirits of the students was just enlivening supporting the cause all the way.


Following the end of the run, the complete team assembled at Nehru park , down and dusted , but the call for a soccer match is never a let go and never without being suitably awarded. 

Subsequently  a few students unwound with a few lighter moments between students and our Director, Japenese notes and tunings on guitars by our budding artists.

Finally, the entire lot moved back with cherishing memories of the day.