Independence Celebrations – The GL way….

Enveloping the dreams and aspirations of an awakening nation, the Independence day at the Great Lakes,Gurgaon campus was a memorable celebration for the fun of the moment, the visions shared by Uncle Bala and for the reason this is the one and only time that as a student of the revered institute, we will be able to do so.

Dressed in our ethnic best in the morning, we hoisted the national flag and sang the national anthem with the faculty and staff at the campus and hostel celebrating Indian Independence. Following the same, we eagerly waited for Uncle Bala to address the burgeoning spirits of the leaders and managers of the future. Uncle Bala shared his memories of Independence day and his deep love for motherland. He said it is important for the new generation to work hard and keep in sight one’s nation’s pride and well-being for being the true son of mother India. He shared his life’s experiences how he has not feared to fight for the righteousness of his fellow nation-mates abroad and never bent to corrupt practices with deep belief in this nation and for its upliftment in all spheres. He shared his vision of bringing affordable quality education available to more and more people in India.

Soaked in the light of vision for the future, we were enlivened by the patriotic songs sung by the students that was heart warming. Following the same, we had a dance show celebrating the Indian spirit performed that strung together with the lively moment and was hailed well by all.

Subsequent to the same, students shared their experiences and all they want and wish to do going forward. Everyone agreed upon having roots deep in the nation for its glory and also express the need to categorically be particular and work on the issues the nation faces even after years of sovereign governance.

This interaction was followed by distribution of sweetmeats. With the value of work is worship for a country’s progress, we so very well understood the unifying strength of patriotism necessary to be felt each passing day.

Hopefully, the Crusaders embark upon the grand and brighter vision…..