A Holy beginning

Our own Presidential suits

The excitement had already set in. As we began our outbound to Rishikesh, I was a little jittery with a mix of anticipation of what was to come. After a short but sweet stint with corporate, I was glad to be back to college and the outbound was the perfect beginning for the wonderful journey that was awaiting us through the coming year.
And so we began this journey with full on Bollywood masala songs at full volume while one of the Vikings played guitar in the background. Soon the dawn doomed upon us and we reached our camp at Shivpuri. Maybe it was the sleeplessness or just plain excitement, but the view that lay ahead of us was indeed enchanting. The tiny green tents, white sand, rocks and further ahead the holy Ganges bathing in the sunlight; the surroundings were absolutely mesmerizing. It was a sight that will surely stay captured in my mind for a long time.

Here, we were split into two groups with three teams each. Our group went for the rafting while the other group went for trekking and rappelling. As the rappelling group left a little early, our group had a short but stimulating game of Frisbee relay which brought us out of our sleep-deprived mode and into a geared up mode. It was Rafting time; after few instructions we were ready to face Scylla. The bone crushing force of the icy water made me feel like an action hero. The rapids made me feel as I would lose the battle, but miraculously, the instructor’s words stuck through and all of us put in our best to brave rapids. What an adrenaline rush!

By the time we reached back to our camp, we were soaking wet and hungry. We had lunch and proceeded to the trek and rappelling. Oh what an hour’s trek can do to you on a full stomach! Soon our army started going down and many gave up on the trek (it sure was a difficult one – especially post lunch). One steep turn and even I could not resist the comfort of giving in and going back to the camp. Those who did go on to the top haven’t yet revealed about the sight they encountered and their rappelling experiences. They say “What happens at the top stays at the top.”

Resting in a different way

Resting in a different way



After a hard day’s work, the Vikings put their party shoes on at dusk and enjoyed a noisy bonfire with introductions, guitar music, stand-up comedy acts, dance and lots of songs to accompany. As the bonfire died into the night, we all went to sleep in our tents.
The melancholy of the Ganges woke me up at 5 AM in the morning and I participated In the a meditation session. As relaxing and peaceful as it was, still I was left wishing for some more sleep afterwards.

Only after a game of hula hoop relay did the Vikings wake up from their slumber. And we got to know that the best had been saved for the last – we were having a raft building competition post which all the rafts would be judged on the basis of their performance in a race conducted on the banks of the holy Ganges. The two teams that went on to compete in the race had a photo finish end that seemed right out of a Hollywood movie. And then we had spectacular victory dance performance by the winning team!

Seemed like we had just arrived and already it was time to pack-up and leave. However, once again as we left the camp, I was feeling jittery and in anticipation of what was to come. Yet one thing was very strange and very clear, we left together as individuals and after two days were returning as a group. I guess, a fast track MBA does fast track everything. I knew the last two days were a preview of how busy we would be keeping through the coming year and yet I was looking forward to my golden days.

Anekant Jain

PGPM 14-15