Chairman Emeritus Reconnect 22 – “Qualitative Vision & Road Map”

My dear young friends,

Helen Keller, American Author-Lecturer-Activist, deaf and blind from the age of 1-1/2 yrs. was once asked “Is there anything worse than blindness ?”“Yes, Having eyes but no Vision” was the answer, after a pause!

helen keller

Helen Keller

Vision being that important, let us explore what is qualitative vision. Vision constraint is something that all of us face one time or the other. Sometimes because we can’t think in others shoe and sometimes because of our lack of orientation. In the picture along side, the person standing on the left of the object would perceive it as Convex whereas the one sanding at the right hand side would identify as Concave. Only if they can come out of the plane, they can realize that the object is both convex and concave in its own right. Therefore orientation and imagination are extremely important.

p3People without vision and a road map of their life, hardly achieve anything worth living. Vision is perception or creation of a concept to pursue with passion. You can see objects/objectives closer to your eyes. But too close blurs your vision. Clarity comes at optimum distance which is at the focal point of your eyes. Unfortunately you can’t bring all the things at your focal point. Then what is the solution?

The solution lies with your bi-focal spectacles/ vision. Armed with it, you can see clearly the long range objects and at the same time you can look at nearer objects with equal clarity.

This can be philosophized further for visualizing a road map of your life. With a bi-focal vp2vision, you can have a long range holistic view of ultimate objective of your life (using upper lens of your spectacles and right hand side of your brain); and at the same time you can visualize with equal clarity short range bits and details of short term action plans and milestones (using lower lens of your spectacles and left hand side of your brain). This permits you to move with confidence on the road map of your life with total compatibility in short term action plans and long term goals. Both are in your view and under command.

Satyamev Jayate !!!

Best wishes and Regards,

Dr. B.S.K.Naidu

M.Tech., Ph.D., CBI Scholar, D.Engg.(Calif), FNAE
Hon.D.WRE (ranked amongst 30-most eminent scientists in the world)
Chairman Emeritus, Great Lakes, Gurgaon, NCR, New Delhi, INDIA
Former Director General (NPTI & CPRI / REL), Ex-Director (REC)/ Executive Director (IREDA)

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