Chairman Emeritus Reconnect 23 – “The Iceberg Model of Self Identity”

My dear young friends,

The Iceberg Model helps us to understand ourselves better in the ambiance we operate. Out of our total personality, our behavior to an extent is visible like tip of the iceberg. What you do and say results in your BEHAVIOR which is driven by your CAPABILITY comprising your knowledge and skills. Your Capability is dictated by what is important to you and what you believe in, reflecting as your VALUES, ATTITUDES & MINDSET. Behind all this is your IDENTITY. How you think of yourself shapes your IDENTITY.p4

There was a driver who was professionally competent and used to drive fast. Naturally he used to make accidents. He was sent several times for training but in vain. As a last chance, he was sent to a group of very experienced trainers who analyzed and understood the problem. They then changed his identity from a “professionally competent driver” to a “custodian of 50-passengers in his van”.

Lord Hanuman used to forget his identity and then his companions used to evoke him as “Pawan Putra” and “Sankat Mochan”. Only then he used to be ready to conquer anything in the world.

There was an employee in my earlier Organization whose reputation was that nobody could use him. Several senior officers tried him and failed. We got him transferred to corporate office. One day I called him in my office to know about his background. During the talk he told me about his hobby-drawing/ making sketches. I told him a story on which I needed a sketch for my slide presentation. Meanwhile my Private Secretary came in and engaged me for about 10-minutes. The moment I was free, the gentleman produced me the sketch which he prepared on a piece of paper on his lap. It was of very high quality. I told him I never knew that we had such a great artist amongst us. We need such sketches for our Power Reforms Program and many seminars and conferences. I proposed him to take the position of an Artist in our team which he gladly accepted. He never looked back and became a precious asset to the organization. In that short meeting perhaps his identity was restored to him.

Let us dig out our own identity to succeed in life.

Satyamev Jayate !!!

Best wishes and Regards,

Dr. B.S.K.Naidu

M.Tech., Ph.D., CBI Scholar, D.Engg.(Calif), FNAE
Hon.D.WRE (ranked amongst 30-most eminent scientists in the world)
Chairman Emeritus, Great Lakes, Gurgaon, NCR, New Delhi, INDIA
Former Director General (NPTI & CPRI / REL), Ex-Director (REC)/ Executive Director (IREDA)

No job is small or big, the way in which you do, makes it small or big (c)